Things I've Learned (Austin Monthly)

Austin Monthly, a great local magazine, ran a profile on the things I've learned in their February issue. This is not yet available online, so I'm including a photo of the article here.

They did a great job on this article, describing a lot of my philosphies on life and entrepreneurship. They took a lot of time with this, which is rare in these days of the rushed and declining media industry. There is one error, though - my age. I'm 40, not 43.

There are several Lucky7 blog posts that go deeper on some of these topics:

  1. My abundantly long book review on Abundance.
  2. Why I named this blog in honor of my mother, how I grew up as a programmer, and what that taught me about parenting.

As far as the ACL (Austin City Limits) tapings, it is a coincidence that I was at the gym this morning and a friend said, "I just saw your daughter and wife on TV for the Norah Jones ACL taping". They were in the first row and Norah Jones kept on winking and smiling at our daughter. It was a mommy and daughter night out to remember. The show is syndicated all over the world, so if you see the Norah Jones performance, the 8-year old in the front row is our daughter! Best-kept secret in Austin indeed.