Mary Meeker's Internet Trends

I consider Mary Meeker's Internet Trends a must-follow report everytime she puts out an update. How smart it was for KPCB to hire her. She is world-class at research, and every technology entrepreneur and executive would be wise to religiously follow her reports.

Before she left Morgan Stanley for KPCB, I had the pleasure of having dinner with her and Morgan Stanley's CEO, James Gorman, a little over a year before our IPO at Bazaarvoice. It was an evening to remember - a live MBA case study, with James giving the insider's report of the financial crisis. Mary's perspective was fascinating too, not surprisingly.

Here is her latest update, presented on Dec. 3 at Stanford. There is too much to comment on here, and I recommend you study every slide. There are a thousand good business ideas in here for aspiring entrepreneurs that want to change the world.

A very bad trend for Microsoft

This just cannot be good for Microsoft. I don't see how this turns around. Windows 8 and the Surface are just not getting the traction expected to maintain their monopoly. For entrepreneurs, though, this creates a lot of opportunity. It also does for Apple, Amazon, and Google, of course.

One of my favorite books is The Innovator's Dilemma and here it is in action again. I consider this a must read for entrepreneurs. It will give you the confidence to go from a perspective of "that's already been done before" to "that's already been done before and can be disrupted because of the dependency on the old order" (Who Moved My Cheese?).

Here is the full article.