"The Entrepreneur's Essentials" is finally complete

Lucky7 readers,

I'm very proud to finally finish my book, The Entrepreneur's Essentials. You can navigate it all online, on Medium. A few notes:

  • It took about a year to write.

  • It is around 50,000 words.

  • Each chapter/lesson is an average 8.6 minute read and the overall book will take you 207 minutes to read from digital “cover to cover”.

  • I have so many to thank - writing the Acknowledgments took a long time.

Please share the word! It will probably be turned into a revised, printed book later. For now, this version will always be available for free online, in an interactive format. My hope is that it helps many entrepreneurs in the arena, as well as those working alongside of them!

Get started here, and I would really appreciate your feedback on how to make it better as well as any editing errors you catch.

I will continue to write posts here on Lucky7, where I will publish first, and then on Medium.

Yours in the entrepreneurial arena,