The best of Andy Sernovitz's Damn I Wish I'd Thought of That!

I'm frequently asked what blogs I follow. The truth is: not many. But if I had a new business I would most certainly be reading Andy Sernovitz's blog, Damn I Wish I'd Thought of That!, every week.

I've been lucky to work with Andy since the beginning of Bazaarvoice and he's been a great Advisory Board member for us over the years. He founded WOMMA, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association a few months before Brant Barton and I founded Bazaarvoice. The founding of WOMMA and reading The Cluetrain Manifesto led me to think of the name "Bazaarvoice", which I explain in this Lucky7 post on naming your company. We gave away his brilliant book, Word of Mouth Marketing, at our first two Bazaarvoice client Summits. You can see our first two Summit t-shirts in this Lucky7 post. Andy helped us educate our clients on word of mouth marketing and was part of the inspiration around our "School of C2C Marketing".

I recently caught up with Andy and asked him what his ten favorite Damn I Wish posts were over the years. There are a lot to choose from, and you could be overwhelmed if you were just getting started in reading his blog. He's been blogging Damn I Wish since November of 2001!

Here are the top ten, curated by none other than Andy himself. Oh, and did I mention he lives in Austin now? I couldn't be happier that so many cool people have moved, and are moving, to our beautiful city. I wrote about how our tech entrepreneurship scene is the best it has ever been in this Lucky7 post - I've met with over 200 entrepreneurs in the last six months, so I have a pretty opinionated (and hopefully you agree - informed) view of our scene.

  1. Please read this: A very important speech about social media in America
  2. Do they like you or do they LOVE you?
  3. 3 steps to better word of mouth
  4. Newsletter #840: The “How to Create a Useful Logo” Issue
  5. Newsletter #787: The “10 Reasons I Love Zappos” Issue
  6. Turn your customers into a family
  7. How to get 1,637 testimonials
  8. How to get really BAD feedback
  9. Be interesting, or be invisible
  10. An amazing word of mouth campaign for Goodwill